FAQs for Gift vouchers

What is a Young’s gift voucher?

A gift voucher is a prepaid gift card or digital gift voucher code that can be used against your bill at any Young’s Pub or hotel.

How do I purchase a gift voucher on your website?

To purchase a gift voucher, simply browse our website; https://gifts.youngs.co.uk/ , select the desired voucher, and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. You can choose between physical or digital vouchers.

I have bought a voucher but haven’t received it?

Firstly, please check your junk mail just to be sure it hasn’t ended up in there. If not then please email giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk with date and amount of purchase and we can resend it to you.

Can I customise the gift voucher with a personal message?

Yes, all of our gift vouchers can be customised with a personal message, making your gift even more special. Look for options to add a message during the purchase process.

Can I use my voucher on multiple visits?

Yes, you can, you can use the voucher over numerous visits at your favourite local Young's pub.

Do gift vouchers have expiration dates?

Most vouchers are valid for 12 months. Some promotional vouchers may be shorter, but an expiry date will be visible on your voucher or email. If for some reason you need an extension, please email giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk with the unique code and amount of purchase.

What happens if I lose my gift voucher?

Please email giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk and we will be able to retrieve your voucher number via your email address. Treat them like cash and keep them in a safe place.

How do I check where my local Young's pub is?

Please visit youngs.co.uk/our-pubs to find your local pub.

Do I need to book to use my voucher?

For dining events, overnight stays and experiences you do need to book in advance, and make sure you quote your voucher number at the time of booking. For monetary vouchers or a round of drinks, there is no need to book just let the team know on arrival or at the bar.

Are gift vouchers refundable?

Check the terms and conditions of the specific voucher for details on refunds. If you have mistakenly bought the wrong voucher please email giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk. A refund will be issued back to the card of purchase, taking 3 to 5 working days.

Is there a fee for purchasing or using gift vouchers?

We do not charge fees for purchasing or using gift vouchers. You pay the face value of the voucher, and if you would like a physical voucher, you’ll only have to pay the shipping fee.

Do you offer bulk purchasing options for corporate or group gifts?

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for businesses and groups. Contact us directly at giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk to discuss your order.

How do I check the balance of my gift voucher?

You can do this at any Young’s pub.

If you are looking to make a booking, please contact centralevents@youngs.co.uk
If you have any further questions, please contact us at giftvouchers@youngs.co.uk, or please call 0208 875 7000.